Looking for a mask?

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Basic features include:
  • One size fits most
  • High-quality quilting fabric, which has been proven to be a better filter than poly cotton or other cheaper materials (see article 1)
  • Fitted to face- shown to substantially improve mask efficacy (see article 2)
  • Metal nose piece to fit mask to face
  • Channel on the sides to swap out elastics if desired
  • Additional elastic supplied for large heads
  • Two-tone fabric per WHO standards, so that the side touching the face is easy to identify. Inside of all masks is white or off-white.
  • High-quality construction
  • Laundry machine safe– holds up after many washes!

The Pocket: $4 Add-On

Looking for a way to level-up your mask’s protective properties? By adding a pocket to your mask you have the option to add in an extra layer of filtration, from shop cloth to a surgical mask to a paper towel.

Available for online orders only.

Want more choice?

With direct orders, you choose your fabric! These add-ons are also available:

  • Elastic for larger heads or an alternate method of securing the mask
  • Cord for securing the mask behind the head
  • Blue shop cloth to act as a filter inside the pocket

Ready to get yours?

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