Body Energy Club x Mask Appeal Co

We’re excited to launch a partnership between Mask Appeal Co and Body Energy Club! Dominick and Anton (Pender) have graciously agreed to provide Canada staff members one complimentary mask of your choosing. (RODP/Grayson’s stores, unfortunately you aren’t included at this time.) Of course it can be worn at work, but it will also be yours to keep and wear wherever you please!

See below to get started!

Available Colours/Patterns

Note that there will be some variations in shade/tone across the solid colour choices.

We have many more colours and prints available to choose from! If you’re interested in any of the choices you see on the main part of our site, use code BECFAMILY for an extra 10% off your order.

Additional Information:
  • For information on caring for your mask (hint: it should be washed after every use!), click here.
  • Limit 1 mask per person.

Fill out the below form with your information. Masks will be sent in groups to the warehouse, to be distributed to you at your home store from there.

Make your selection by filling out the below form:

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